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I need artists

2009-09-28 22:18:13 by starscream090

I need an artist or artists for a flash game I am developing
no animations, but lots of still images that you make
according to my specs, if interested PM me


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2009-09-28 22:23:38

check out my art 2 c if you like wat i do on ms paint :P


2009-09-29 18:10:26

Check out some of my art and see what you think. I can do the body pretty well. Just give me some inspiration and i'll see what i can do.


2009-09-29 18:11:25

But also give me the bassis of what its going to be about.


2009-12-20 15:04:19

So check out my version of Kazemon in my art, does that work for you?